Having hands-on experience and by performing the same tasks over and over, One naturally gains expertise in the given field. Similarly, by being around natural and fresh produce and refining it up to the quality that is it for one's consumption is what makes us the expert of the given field. This experience proudly enables us to say ourselves as the master of our craft.
As far as I can remember the journey began 3 generations ago and has been carried on since then. The current situation really irked me, although the work kept going on as usual without me paying much attention to what we have in our hand and what's going on around. Completely oblivious of the fact that they are so deeply inter-connected! The inability to connect the two caused a lot of distress, it is like you have something within you that you want to give out to the world and the funny part is you possess it but you are unable to as you lack the ability to connect the dots. Something within you longing to seek expression while it's unable to, causes tremendous distress! Once a longing, a willingness an idea or a thought has stayed long enough it is bound to turn into reality! And so it did, sleeping, waking up, eating with this finally gave the Light Bulb Moment and that is how RRG came into existence.
The choice to start off with dry fruits has not been a very straight road. It's been a bumpy, rocky-road ride. Although the entire journey has been cherished and the reason being it was driven by PURPOSE! A PURPOSE higher than ourselves, something which is a lot more than just being another product in the marketplace. There are many products in the pipeline, I repeat many! But there was a decision to be made, which product to launch first? This was the question which had to be answered next! After brainstorming we came down to Dry Fruits! Them being 'Pranic Food'. Pranic foods refer to foods that add life to your body. Essentially, energizing one's whole body! Another reason being it is so easy to consume this, no one absolutely no one can have any excuse to not be able to consume them!

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